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Moroccan Jewish Heritage

With the assistance and guidance of Ichud Hakehilot we have worked to make your experience as authentic and as close to our heritage as possible. Ichud Hakehilot is an organization about bringing our brothers to their roots. Of the glorious and ancient of the Diaspora is the essence of Morocco, whose words are more than they are written on Book scrolls are engraved as oral Torah on the hearts of its sons, as the offspring of the Diaspora that it has established for hundreds of years.Its existence is world giants, to the late Rabbi Rif, who was born and raised there, the Rambam who lived there, through the period of the expulsion from Spain.When most of the minyan and building of the sages of Castile - disciples of the students of the Rosh and the Rashba z "l - were exiled to it and drowned.Their seals in their congregations and yeshivas, and from then on in a long and continuous chain of sages and writers who drowned.In its communities, there is a Jewish seal of Torah and Halacha, religious customs, and customs.The Union of Jewish Communities and Synagogues of Moroccan origin has set a goal to restore the glory of our glory to our lives.The tradition of our forefathers, their Torah, and their customs, which will not disappear into oblivion. The UJC encourages the establishment of communities and synagogues.According to the custom of our forefathers, the books of our Rabbis initiate an in-depth study of the teachings and traditions of our forefathers, a closer examination. The rich history of the lives of our forefathers in all the cities of Greater Morocco, the deciphering of ancient manuscripts that have not yet been published and above all A spiritual, emotional and essential connection between the young people of our generation and our parents and fathers. An integral part of that connection is The publication of new books from the same manuscripts, the publication of the Siddur of the Month and the Remembering of Abraham In the grammatical text in which our forefathers prayed, as well as holding conferences and study days in the teachings and teachings of our rabbis and forefathersSaints and more and more areas. We deal with the dignity of Moroccan Jewry, the halachic teachings, and customs of the community, in tracing their roots, in understanding chapters Important history and articles aimed at encouraging the observance of the tradition and the respect of Torah scholars who lived and worked in Morocco Throughout all generations. There are many who wish to connect with us to the heritage of our forefathers and to restore the identity that so many of the generation lacks The other who was cut off from his glorious past. This initiative of the United Jewish Communities to bring to Morocco the general public and thus open a window to a vast world that took place In the land of the Maghreb, where the great and illustrious generation of our forefathers went from the journey of salvation that began with a large public Who came to experience Morocco in a more profound way and to know its roots with the participation of important rabbis and poets, proved that In the ourofthetrip we discovered that the visit to Morocco creates a direct connection with an ancient tradition This brings sons back to their borders by connecting to their roots and by connecting with the righteous and the highest martyrs who lived there Its customs and traditions in the Holy Land have disappeared from them and thanks to this journey and the other journeys carried out by the Union The communities returned to their roots and customs, and this led them to investigate and clarify their origins.

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